Who We Are
All Nations Fellowship

Our Identity

All Nations Fellowship (ANF) is a multilingual, multisite, Gospel-centered Christian church dedicated to serving the Greater Nagoya area for the blessing of Japan and all nations.

Our Vision

We long to see a movement of God’s Spirit that transforms Nagoya, Japan, and all nations for the glory of Christ.

Our Mission

To make disciples, equip leaders, and plant churches throughout Nagoya by proclaiming, teaching, and living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

6 Core Values

  1. Gospel Centeredness

Gospel-centeredness is remembering who we are in Christ.  Our identity as God’s children is now forgiven, accepted, saved, served, loved, and righteous.  All this is because Christ lived a perfect life on our behalf, loved and served us, was abandoned on the cross as our substitute, was condemned, received the wrath and judgment of God, died, and rose again.  We believe that this gospel has life-changing power.

  1. Community

A gospel-centered lifestyle is practiced in community.  Just as Jesus valued community, we also want to value the community named the body of Christ (church). Through community, we want to disciple each other, serve the city together, and move out on mission together.

  1. Discipleship

A disciple of Jesus is a person who believes in Jesus Christ as Savior and is also actively seeking to trust Him and to follow Him.  Discipleship takes place when Christians walk together. This is, not just during Sunday services, but by daily walking together and building relationships that allow us to see each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  In order to do that, we need to regularly spend time in community, submitting to one another and using our gifts.

  1. Serve the City

God loves our city and because of that, we also love the city in which we live.

We don’t want to be waiting for people to come to our worship services, we value going to them, learning their culture, and serving them, as we walk together, sharing the gospel incarnationally.

  1. Next Generation

We have a responsibility to pass the gospel on to the next generation. 

As the Family of God, walking together with our children, we commit to share the gospel with the next generation.

  1. Kingdom Mindedness

Our goal is not simply that our own church would get bigger, but that the whole body of Christ all over Japan would grow, and that the kingdom of God would advance. We don’t desire to compete, but rather to encourage and cooperate in order to see new churches planted.  We are setting aside 10% of our annual budget to be used for both local and foreign missions.


Egchi family

Yu Eguchi (Pastor/Elder)

Yu Eguchi met with a missionary when he was 18 years old and through the missionary he went to Tucson, Arizona in 2005 and became a Christian.     In 2006, he opened a cafe called “ J-Lodge” to reach out college students in Hiratsuka city and experienced serving as a manager there for five years.

Asako went to the States to become a Yoga instructor and became a Christian in Irvine, California in 2010.   She is a qualified IFM counselor.

Yu and Asako met at Christ Bible Seminary in 2011. They were married in February of 2014, graduated in August. They currently live in Nagoya city with two kids (Ikoi and Yuto).

In May 2019, Yu is ordained as a pastor of ANF downtown campus.  

Brooks Cain (Inactive Elder)

Both Brooks and Riva grew up in Christian homes in the United States and neither can remember a day when they didn’t trust Jesus.

The Cains met in 2005, were married in 2007, and began serving together in youth ministry right away. They continued serving young people while they attended Covenant Theological Seminary together from 2008-2011. The Cains first visited Japan upon graduation, and God has been growing their love for the Japanese ever sense!

The Cains have a burning passion to reach Japanese young people and to support missionary families as they navigate life overseas. That is the reason they began attending ANF in 2013. They were delighted to accept the call to minister alongside the Eguchi’s in 2019.

Brooks is ordained as an elder in the Presbyterian Church in America, and Riva is a licensed professional counselor. God has blessed them with three beautiful and energetic children – Quinn, Marley, and John.

Jeremy Sink (Elder)

Jeremy and his wife, Gina, came to Japan from North Carolina in 2012. They are missionaries with Serge Global and focus on coming alongside of Japanese pastors, church planters, and their wives to help them be successful in their callings to reach Japan with the Gospel. Jeremy is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America and served as a pastor and church planter in the U.S. for 12 years before God called their family to move to Japan. Jeremy and Gina have three sons: Joshua, Josiah, and Garrett.

From Jeremy: “We’re here to introduce people to the amazing grace and hope that can only found in Jesus Christ. We also want to see Christians growing in their faith and new leaders being sent out to plant churches in other parts of Nagoya. ANF is strategic for all of those purposes. This is the kind of church where all kinds of people can feel welcome, and by God’s grace it’s the kind of church that could make a real difference in many people’s lives.”

Paul Kang (Inactive Elder)

Paul and Yu Kang are part of the missions team for Christ Bible Institute (CBI) in Nagoya. CBI is the parent organization of Christ Bible Seminary (CBS) which trains Christian leaders and pastors in Japan. Paul is an elder at ANF and also serves at CBI as chaplain and interpreter. Yu Kang is a native Japanese born in Nagoya and leads a ministry to young mothers and children. The Kang’s two children are Issac “Jesus is coming back” Soon Kang and Sara “We are saved by” Faith Kang. Please pray for the Kangs as they minister and serve in Nagoya.

“I believe that God could work his plan perfectly without our help if he wanted, but He gives us the privilege to participate freely and also with joy. The freedom and love god grants us exceeds our expectations. It is this freedom and grace that compels us to obedience. We can love and serve beyond imagination when we remember that we are loved and served beyond imagination through God and the Jesus christ through the Cross.”