About ANF

Our Identity

All Nations Fellowship (ANF) is a bilingual international church in Nagoya, Japan. We are a gospel-centered Christian church with bilingual worship services at several locations in the Nagoya area, serving the greater Nagoya area to spread God’s grace to Japan and the world.

Our Vision

We desire to see God’s Spirit at work in a movement where Nagoya, Japan, and all nations are being transformed for the glory of Christ.


To proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, teach the gospel, make disciples, raise leaders, and develop churches in Nagoya by living the gospel.

Six Core Values

1. gospel-centered

We value who we are in Christ. Through Christ, we have been made children of God, forgiven, accepted, saved, served, loved, and righteous. We are saved because Christ lived a perfect life in our place, loved and served us, was forsaken on the cross as our substitute, was condemned, suffered the wrath and judgment of God, died, and rose again. We believe in the life-changing power of this gospel.

2. community

Gospel-centered living is practiced in the community. As Jesus cared for His community of the day, we care for the community of the body of Christ (the church). We disciple one another in the community, serving and ministering to the city through the community.

3. Discipleship

A disciple of Christ is a person who believes, trusts and seeks to follow Jesus Christ as Savior. Discipleship training takes place as Christians walk together. This is done during Sunday worship services and through building relationships among us in our daily walk together, seeing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This is done by regularly engaging with the community, belonging to it, and using our gifts.

4. Serve the city

God loves our cities, so we love the cities we live in. We will not wait for people to come to us in church, but we will value incarnational mission, where we go out to the people and share the gospel through learning about their culture, serving them, and walking with them.

5. The next generation

We have a responsibility to teach the gospel to the next generation. As God’s family, we are committed to teaching the gospel to the next generation through our walk with our children.

6. Kingdom thinking

Our goal is not simply to see our church grow but to see the whole body of Christ grow and the Kingdom of God advance in Japan. We hope that new churches will be born as fellow workers encouraging each other (church pioneering), and we use 10% of our church budget for missions to support the work being done in Japan and abroad.

Staff Introduction

Yu Eguchi, Pastor and Elder

Yu met a missionary when he was 18 years old, which led him to the United States, and he became a Christian in 2005 while in Tucson, Arizona. The following year, she became involved in the launch of J Lodge, a college student evangelistic cafe in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, where she served as manager for five years.

Asako became a Christian in 2011 in Irvine, California. She has completed counseling classes at Christ Bible Seminary and is an IFM Certified Counselor and a licensed Professional Psychologist (National Association of Psychologists).

They met at Christ Biblical Seminary in 2011, married in February 2014, and completed their Master of Divinity degree process in August of the same year. They reside in Nagoya, Japan, with their family of four, along with their daughter, Ikoi, and son, Yuto.

Yu was installed as pastor of ANF Downtown Campus in May 2019.

Brooks Cain (Elder, currently inactive)

Brooks and Reeva grew up in Christian homes in the United States, so they don’t remember when they came to faith in Jesus.

They met in 2005, married in 2007, and began serving in youth ministry shortly after. They visited Japan shortly after graduation and have been nurturing their love for the Japanese ever since!

The Cains have a burning passion for ministering to Japanese youth and supporting other missionary families as they navigate life in a foreign country. This is why they began worshiping at ANF in 2013; in 2019, they gladly answered the call to serve a mission with the Eguchi family.

Brooks was initially approved as an Elder in the Presbyterian Church (PCA) USA, and Reeva is a professionally licensed counselor. God has blessed them with three beautiful and energetic children: Quinn, Marley, and John.

Jeremy Sink (Elder)

Jeremy and his wife Gina came to Japan from North Carolina in 2012. As missionaries with Serge Global, they focus on walking with Japanese pastors, church planners, and their wives to help them fulfill their calling to take the gospel to Japan. Jeremy is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and served as a pastor and church planter in the US for 12 years before God called him to move to Japan. Jeremy and Gina have three sons. Joshua, Josiah, and Garrett.

From Jeremy: “We are here to introduce people to the wonderful grace and hope found only in Jesus Christ. We also want Christians to grow in their faith, new leaders to be sent out, and churches to be planted in other parts of Nagoya…ANF is a church with a vision for all these things. This is the kind of church where people from all walks of life can feel welcome and where, by God’s grace, we can make a real difference in the lives of many.”

Paul Kang (Elder)

Paul and Yu are part of the mission team at Christ Biblical Seminary (CBI), the parent organization of Christ Biblical Seminary, which trains Christian leaders and pastors in Japan. Paul is an ANF elder and serves as a chaplain and interpreter for CBI. Yu is Japanese from Nagoya, Japan, and leads a children’s ministry with young mothers. The Kangs’ two children’s names are Isaac Soon (with the hope that Jesus will return soon) Kang and Sarah Faith (meaning “saved only by faith”) Kang. Please pray for the Kang family serving in Nagoya.

We believe that God can accomplish His plan without our help if He so desires, but He has given us the privilege to participate in His plan freely and joyfully. The freedom and love that God is giving us far exceeds our expectations. This freedom and love is a strong motivation for us to follow God. When we remember that through God and the cross of Jesus Christ, God loves us and gives us more than we can imagine, we can love and use God more than we can imagine.”