Nagakute location – Fall/Winter 2021
All Nations Fellowship

Oct 17: Zoom

Oct 24: Zoom

Oct 31: Zoom

Nov 7: Zoom

Nov 14: 光のホール (Hikari no Hall)

Nov 21: Zoom

Nov 28: モリコロパーク 体験学習1(Morikoro Park Taiken Study Room 1)

Dec 5: Zoom

Dec 12: 光のホール (Hikari no Hall)

Dec 19: Zoom

Dec 26: 光のホール (Hikari no Hall)

ANF Nagakute worship location FAQ:

We currently are not able to rent one location for worship so we are currently using this plan.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and invite you to pray for us to find a more stable location or method of finding a place to worship. We are grateful for all who visit us and who worship with us. All glory to God!