ANF’s Plan for Resuming Worship Gatherings
All Nations Fellowship

Update from the Elders – 9/25/2020

God has been merciful to Japan, and the state of emergency has now been lifted.  So far, the situation in our country has been better than expected.  We should see this as an answer to prayer, and thank God for his grace and mercy toward us!  We should also lift up others who are currently experiencing great hardship due to COVID-19.

ANF’s elders have reviewed the government’s newest recommendations for returning to a more normal lifestyle.  We feel that the guidelines for “concerts” apply most closely to our meetings at ANF.  Those guidelines recommend that we keep rooms at no more than 50% of their capacity.  Of course, the government recommends that we continue to avoid closed spaces, close contact, and crowded rooms.  

In light of these recommendations, the elders have decided to resume worship gatherings at the downtown campus.  However, we want to say clearly that there is no pressure to attend our service at this time.  We will also continue to provide live streams as much as possible.  Please feel free to worship from home if you are sick or do not feel it is safe to gather.  Each person or family must make their own decision based on your own circumstances.  


Please check your temperature before you leave home.  If your temperature has been higher than 37.5 during the previous week, please worship from home.

We plan to have children classes, but the class for older children might meet outside because of the limited room availability.

Everyone should wear a mask.  This includes the leaders who are up front.  We will have masks available for those who do not have one.

Please use the hand sanitizer as you enter and leave the room.

Please leave plenty of space between you and the people or families around you.  We will also keep 2 windows open to help with air circulation in the room.

We will not serve food and drink during our gatherings until further notice.  No exceptions.

ANF people may use only the lobby and 2F.  Please do not visit other parts of the building.

Beginning on 9/27, we will not have our 4pm Zoom meeting for the Downtown campus.

Note:  Experts expect a third wave of the virus later this winter.  We will continue to monitor the situation and are committed to observing government recommendations to the best of our ability.  Please watch our web site for current information.