05/03 Announcements
All Nations Fellowship

Until further notice, all of our services are online. Please check the web site weekly to be sure you are up to date about opportunities to meet and pray together online.

The Downtown campus will meet on Zoom from 4 pm today for a time of fellowship and prayer. If you do not know how to connect to that meeting, you can use our website’s contact form.

The Nagakute small group will meet on Zoom from 2:30: for a time of prayer and fellowship. If you do not know how to connect to that meeting, you can ask a question on the Small Group LINE group.

For the Nagakute campus, we will have two informal Zoom meetings on May 10 and May 17. At the first meeting, Jeremy and Paul will be talking about some of the hopes, dreams, and challenges that are before us this year. At our second meeting, there will be more time for discussion together. The meetings will be translated into Japanese and English. We will have the meetings at the same time as our regular small group time (2:30~3:45pm), but we hope everyone in Nagakute will plan to attend.

For the Nagakute campus, we are sorry to say that we are forced to cancel our plans for Kids Summer English in July. That event takes a lot of planning and support from the Lighthouse Church in Torrance, and the current situation makes it very difficult for us to move forward. If the situation allows, we hope to make plans for a community BBQ or Undokai, but for now, we have to wait and see what is possible.

There is a unique opportunity during this time to share with those around us about the gospel. Please feel free to invite your family and friends to join our online services and group meetings. They are not private.